Wednesday, 27 December 2017


Only a few days left of 2017, and what a year it has been! I wanted to take this opportunity to look back on all the big moments for SALT this year and invite you to celebrate with me. You were a part of all of it!

  • Completed our first Full Calendar Year of business as a brand: Opening the doors in April 2016 was a big deal, and there were challenges to surpass. SALT met last winter head on and now we have made it through an entire calendar year. Where did the time go?!
  • Introduced Nine New Styles: I have loved putting my design skills to the test and finding the next best basic. I am so proud of the styles SALT has produced this year, with more to come! The 2017 Line-up: Fjord Box Top, Beck LS, Kai LS Dress, Shore Pant, Nerio Tee, Yara Tank, Mira Leggings, Reef Cropped Bomber Jacket.

  • Collaborating with new companies: I feel like I really got to more clearly define what the SALT brand means to me, and what I want our intention to be. This helped guide me to carry eco-friendly, consciously produced brands like BKIND, Leaves of Trees, Unscented, Charlotte & Castle, and more. I am proud to collaborate with sustainable, Canadian companies that are doing their part to make this world a better place. They love the environment and ocean as much as I do!
  • Opened a Pop-Up Store in Victoria: This one is still going! With no certain expectations, I sought out the opportunity to bring SALT to a new community. It has been an exciting adventure full of learning and connection. I am sad that it will be soon coming to an end, but we may see more of you soon Victoria ;)

  • First Round of Community Events: Having a larger space at our pop-up meant we could actually host something! Collaborating with an awesome yoga teacher, Evan, to bring free classes to Victoria was just a taste of what I want SALT to do in the future. I want to create a space where people can come together to connect and collaborate, and I can't wait for when we can do it again!
  • Building my Team: I have gone from a team of two to a team of many. I made room for new roles this year that are helping me expand and I have employees that are dedicated to SALT. I feel like I have a team that I can trust to run the show, allowing me to live the life I have been trying to obtain for over a decade, and I am so grateful.
  • Regularly connecting with our Digital Community: Having my brick and mortar business solidly established meant I was able to put time into creating regular content to share online. By doing this, I get to reflect weekly on what message I want to share and I get to bring attention to things that matter to me. It is so rewarding to me and is a consistent reminder of why I do this for a living. We hope you enjoy what we bring to you every week!

  • Took a Holiday! This might not seem like a huge deal to some people, but for an entrepreneur who has been seriously lacking in Work/Life Balance  for some time now, it was amazing to me to be able to leave my work behind for multiple weeks and adventure overseas. Seeing Scotland and visiting friends who live abroad is something I wouldn't have been able to do without my support system at home and at work. These kinds of trips prove that I am authentically building the life I want to lead, and will make me a better employer and business owner. How exciting is that!?

That, is a pretty great year! Thank you to everyone that shops with us, shares our message, and supports us in so many ways. You, our community, our guests, you make this life possible for me and now many others.  We have so many things on the horizon for 2018 that I can't wait to share with you. Like committing to be plastic free as a brand, to seek out collaborative brands that do not use plastic, and inspire other brands to do the same. The rest is yet to come, but when it does, you'll be the first to know.

Thank you for such an amazing year!

from SALT Shop - Journal

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