Monday, 9 October 2017

#STYLExSALT | Back to School

Now that a few weeks have passed, you have walked the halls and had time to figure out what you are missing from your academic attire. Knowing how to coordinate an outfit or build a wardrobe is not everyone's strong suit though! On the West Coast, early Fall is a confusing time for fashion. A time of cool mornings and blazing afternoons. You have to dress smart, building an outfit that transitions with the day. 

A dress keeps summer alive, and a turkish towel goes from shoulder wrap to stylish scarf as the day's temperature changes. School accessorizing is always a great reason to invest in a new backpack to fill with academic must-haves like notebooks, a pencil case, and lip balm. A wide brimmed wool hat keeps the sun from your gaze and your head warm, plus, along with a set of simple bangles, adds a finished quality to your perfectly balanced Autumn ensemble.




from SALT Shop - Journal

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