Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Now that the weather is once again turning a little cooler, many of us will sadly be spending less time outside with the flora. Losing touch with nature for the next 8 months is the last thing we want! Being surrounded by leafy branches and chirping songbirds is good for our health and happiness.

With the majority of our time being spent indoors now, we need to bring the outdoors in. You know that deep, earthen smell of a plant nursery? It just smells like growth and life and quiet. Recreate that in your home! Pick a spot that you can create a living shrine in. If you have a whole room, even better! A few strategically placed stools next to a wide windowsill will do. Pick pots for your foliage that complement your decor style. Terra cotta, tin, ceramic, even paper. Choose natural materials that can be re-used in case you need to transplant your bigger specimens.

Think about what kind of plants suit you. Do you need something low maintenance, like an Air Plant? Or do you have a whole handful of green thumbs just waiting to take on a new challenge? Be conscious of the little members of your household, whether they are furry or not, you might need to research the safety of the plants you bring inside in case someone mistakes them for a tasty snack. Whatever your preference, get as many as you can and breathe in their benefits every day!

Even if you don’t consciously think about a plant, it will be doing you good anyhow. There is some debate about how helpful they are, but most studies conclude that plants are natural detoxifiers. They pull toxins and irritants from the air in your indoor space, increasing oxygen and decreasing your likelihood of falling ill.

We hear the phrase “I just need to sit in a forest for a little while” uttered more and more often. So many people spend most of their life disconnected from real nature, which is a shame because it does us so much good. Surrounded by plants, our anxiety drops, our sense of calm rises. Our mind opens, reminding us that if we feel cornered or stuck, there is always room to make a new path. Being responsible for the well-being of something living makes us more compassionate, empathetic, and fills us with a sense of stability.

Your plant sanctuary will be full of clean air and greenery. Green is associated with many things: growth, harmony, freshness, fertility, calm. It is also the most restful colour for our eyes. It is a symbol for sustainability and conscious living. Alternatively, green is also associated with greed, jealousy, and money. How you view the juxtaposition between these associations depends on perspective. We think we will stick with the former connotation! 

Depending on your style, you may end up with an indoor forest, or more of a jungle. On the West Coast, we have a pretty abundant forest year round, so we carry plants that mimic a more tropical atmosphere. During the cold months it reminds us of the last time we were able to bask in sunny warmth near the water’s edge. We keep in stock a variety of the Tillandasias family, or “air plants,” a low maintenance bunch that only require a good soak each week, no pot, no soil. Our Echevaria Succulents have great texture, bringing a bit of a geometric vibe to your mix. The broad leaves of the sensitive Fiddle Leaf Fig trees will transport you to sultry evenings in lush climates. One of our favourites, the ZZ PLant, is so easy to care for, and it’s glassy leaves and deep, wine bottle colour classes up any corner.

With the right combination of vegetation, you can bring your space to life! So have some fun and make yourself an indoor green space this fall! 


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