Wednesday, 17 May 2017

SPRING STRUT | Brooklyn Style


If you work somewhere that the uniforms don’t jive with your style, when you’re off the clock you can be itching to throw together an OOTD that suits your swagger. Everyone’s individual street-style is a form of expression through fabrics, colours, textures. Whether we are actually on the street or not, it’s not about being seen, it’s about feeling good in what you’re wearing. 

We do highly recommend taking your threads outdoors though. There doesn’t have to be any occasion, taking a stroll around the block is reason enough. Whether you are solo, or with a group, it’s nice to just get out. Stretch your legs, break in your new ankle booties. Plus, with so many of our jobs keeping our butts in chairs for hours at a time, it is healthier to show off your duds on the move.

Pick up your favourite beverage of choice, and just meander and discover. Walk* through unknown streets, stop into stores you’ve never noticed. If you are exploring a new place, ask the locals where to venture to next. Many of the best days are ones with no agenda at all.

People watching is a great way to get inspiration for your next fashion era too. Don’t be shy! If you see someone wearing something you love, ask them where they got it. They will appreciate the compliment on their taste.

Spring weather can be unpredictable, so when the sunshine shows it’s face, make the most of it. Catch a few rays and maybe turn a few heads. Most importantly, strut with confidence in clothes that you love.

Images by Life Set Sail + Milton Photo




from SALT Shop - Journal

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