Thursday, 23 June 2016

Opening day! It is an odd feeling, the moment before you open the doors. Standing in the space you have dreamed of, designed and obsessed over for weeks, hours, and caffeinated mornings. So much hard work goes into creating dreams. I look out over the beautiful view, check all the items are dusted, clean, and orderly. Then head to The Perch and grab some more coffee to energize me through the morning and decide I am ready.

They day lends itself towards a funny mix of people; Those that come in arms open giving you hugs and singing your praise on a job well done, coupled with the wandering local or tourist, asking how long you have been here and what the idea behind the shop is. The same people that are shocked to hear that it is your first day.

All in all the first day passes with a few hiccups as my rusty sales skills are put to practice once again after laborious days of renos and prep. So, all in all Day 1 was a success. In the time to come Salt will grow and evolve from this point, Day 1!


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